Member Get a Member

As a YMCA member, you know the benefits of being a part of the Grand River Area Family YMCA. Why not share these benefits and your YMCA with a friend? If you refer a friend to the Y and they join as a member, you both will not only receive a special gift from us, you’ll also receive:

Refer a Friend.jpg

The Benefits of a Grand River Area Family YMCA Membership:

  • Being part of a community
  • Access to our North Central Missouri and Carroll County Area YMCAs

  • Access to every YMCA in Missouri

  • Free guest pass per member per year

  • Free special events

  • Access through the A.W.A.Y. program to YMCA’s all over the country

  • Free use of our Soft Play Play Park (Adult Supervision Required)

  • Free equipment orientation

  • Fitness assessment and Personal Training available

  • Discounted rates on Child Watch, Aquatics, Fitness, Sports, and more

  • Becoming part of a Better Us


The Benefits of Referring a Friend:

  • Becoming part of a Better Us, together
  • Staying active and healthy together

  • Spending time together

  • Trying new activities

  • Laughing harder

  • Making more friends at the Y

  • Developing your inner smile


Click here to download a Member-Get-A-Member Coupon.  Then bring your friend to the Welcome Center and start sharing the benefits of becoming a Better Us together!