"Young People Actively Learning Success" is a program for children ages 6-14 years who need a positive role model, more self-esteem, and self-confidence. The program is for children in single-parent or dual-parent families. Y-PALS helps kids build social skills, develop a friendship, and provides them with someone who will listen. Y-PAL volunteers share their free time with a youth about four hours per month. Y-PALS can do ordinary things like talking on the phone, playing board games, going bowling, making dinner, walking the dog, going to the library, and reading to each other. Through these activities, the child develops a positive self-image which will help him or her imagine a brighter future.

Become a Y-PALS Participant

If you believe your child or a child you know could benefit from being part of the Y-PALS program, please call Shawn Hurtgen, Y-PALS Director, at (660) 646-6677 or stop by the YMCA to pick up an application.  You may also click here to download an application.  There is no charge for being part of the Y-PALS program.

Become a Y-PALS Mentor

If you have 4 hours a month to spend with a child, you can make a world of difference. You don't have to be a rocket scientist, wealthy, or even perfect to be a mentor. You just have to be yourself - a responsible adult willing to commit to a child for at least one year of regular contact.  You can download an application here or call Shawn Hurtgen, Y-PALS Director, at (660) 646-6677 for more information about becoming a Y-PALS mentor.  Click here to see a copy of our Y-PALS Volunteer Policy.